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Meet the Dentists-

Doctors Ryan & Natalie Carley are residents of Pontiac, Illinois.  Carley Family Dental was opened in 2010. 

Dr. Ryan Carley

Carley-6Dr. Ryan Carley is a native of Pontiac, Illinois. He is proud to have opened Carley Family Dental in his hometown where he can provide award winning, quality dental care to the community and its surrounding area.

After Graduating from Pontiac Township High School, Ryan went on to Northern Illinois where he graduated summa cum laude and earned his Bachelors Degree in biological sciences.  In 2010 he earned his D.M.D. degree from Southern Illinois University-School of Dental Medicine.  The D.M.D. degree is an equivalent degree to D.D.S. and the degree awarded depends on the school attended. Harvard Dental School was the first school to issue the D.M.D. degree and since, many schools have adopted this degree.

Dr. Carley is also a proud winner of the Delta Dental Award in 2010.  This award is given to approximately 50 students nationwide for their outstanding performance on the National Dental Board Exam. In addition to the Delta Dental Award, Dr. Carley also received The American Academy of Oral Medicine Award  for his achievement in oral diagnosis and treatment planning of medically and dentally complex patients. One student from each dental school is chosen to receive this award.

Dr. Carley is a member of American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, Mclean County Dental Society, American Academy of Oral Medicine, and Chicago Dental Society.

Dr. Ryan Carley is a native of Pontiac and spent his childhood, with his 6 brothers and sisters, attending Pontiac schools. After graduation from dental school, he chose to open a practice in Pontiac. Dr. Carley enjoys the smaller town setting and takes pride in being able to serve the community in which he grew up. He currently resides in Pontiac, IL.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Natalie and his two sons. Dr. Natalie Carley joined Carley Family Dental after graduation in 2011 from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. They enjoy the outdoors, exercising, water sports, boating, fishing, gardening, and cooking. Outside of the office, Dr. Carley also enjoys the opportunity he has to be a part of Bible Study Fellowship group that meets weekly.

Dr. Natalie Carley

Carley-10Dr. Natalie Carley earned a Bachelor of Science from Loyola University Chicago and graduated with high honors. Dr. Carley then went on to earn her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 2011. As a senior dental student, she was awarded the Quintessence of Restorative Dentistry Award for her meticulous dental work she performed while in school. This is an award that is received by one dental student at each dental school in the country. She was also an active member of the Delta Sigma Delta, a prestigious dental fraternity. During her second year of dental training, she participated in a dental missionary trip to Jamaica.

Dr. Natalie joined her husband and partner Dr. Ryan Carley at Carley Family Dental in 2011. Today, Dr. Carley is involved in the most current dental solutions available. ” Dentistry is always changing and for that reason, we as dentists are responsible for keeping our knowledge and skills up to date with the most current techniques. Being active with continuing education will allow me to provide my patients with the outstanding care they deserve.”

Dr. Carley is a member of American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, McLean County Dental Society, and Chicago Dental Society.

When Dr. Carley is not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends especially her husband and two sons, Chase (Age 5) and Rhys (Age 3). Drs. Carley are also active members of their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in which Dr. Natalie loves her calling of “Young Women’s 2nd Counselor” & “Branch Missionary.”