First Dental Visit

Many patients are wondering what to expect at the first visit.  At the initial appointment, our friendly dental team will take the opportunity to get to know you better. Our goal is to make your future visits as comfortable as possible.  Getting to know each patient, allows both the team and dentist to better address any dental concerns .  At this visit, a complete medical and dental history will be recorded.  The medical history includes any current medications the patient is taking, previous surgeries, recent hospitalizations, illnesses, or any other conditions that may impact dental treatment. X-rays will also be taken to provide the doctor with information about the condition of the jaw, any unerupted teeth, tooth decay, or infection around teeth. Once all pertinent information is considered, each patient will be presented with treatment plan options that will best suit their individual case.

We firmly believe that each patient should be included in the decision making process.  Patients are presented with treatment options, given the opportunity to ask questions, and then are able to decide with their dentist, which option best meets their dental needs.