Partial Dentures vs. Complete Dentures

False Teeth (Denture, Crown, Bridge)Partial dentures may be indicated when a patient has some missing teeth that require replacement, but there are still some remaining healthy, stable teeth. The missing teeth are replaced by artificial teeth and the remaining natural healthy teeth can be used to help support the partial denture. The remaining teeth will also help to hold the partial denture in place. This type of partial denture is removable and can be taken in and out of the patient’s mouth. Partial dentures provide an economical and a less invasive way of replacing missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

complete denture

denture to be supported by implants

denture supported by implants

Complete dentures are indicated when all of the teeth are currently missing, or the remaining teeth have a poor prognosis and require extraction. Complete dentures are fabricated to appear as natural as possible. With the help of old pictures and pre-extraction models, the patient’s teeth can often be replicated to appear very similar to the teeth they had when they were younger or something different if the patient was not satisfied with the appearance of their previous teeth. Implants are commonly used today to help stabilize complete dentures. Often lower dentures will benefit from implant treatment by preventing dislodgement of the denture, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for patients.

Immediate Placement

Many patients find it undesirable to go without teeth for an extended period of time for one reason or another. If this is the case, a patient can be planned to receive their denture on the same day that their teeth were removed. This provides the patient an immediate set of teeth.